Love and Theft Release 'Gimme Tonight' From Upcoming New Album

Love and Theft is back, with brand new music! The duo, made up of Stephen Barker Liles and Eric [...]

Love and Theft is back, with brand new music! The duo, made up of Stephen Barker Liles and Eric Gunderson, last released Whiskey on My Breath in 2015, but have just dropped "Gimme Tonight," from an upcoming new album.

"When I first heard 'Gimme Tonight' I was in my buddy Canaan Smith's car and he was taking me home," Liles recalled to "He said 'Hey man! Y'all gotta hear this song Jaren Johnston sent me. I think y'all would crush it!' I fell in love instantly and sent it to Eric and he did as well. So when we went in to cut for the new album with Josh Leo and Jim Ed Norman, this song was on the top of everyone's list to record. We think it shows a cool side to us and it's a very unique song. It goes over amazing at our live shows also and that's always a good sign."

"'Gimme Tonight' is one of those songs that really sucks you in from the opening riff," added Gunderson. "On the production side of things, we wanted to do something different. We tried to take a riskier approach than we have on other songs. There are touches of our classic influences, but the track has a lot of those modern elements that really make the song jump out of the speakers.

"From the moment I heard the demo of this song, I was hooked," he added, "and it has become one of my favorite songs to play live every night."

"Gimme Tonight," which says, "I just wanna dance with ya / Buy a couple of drinks for ya / Light whatever you're smokin' on / And kiss that red right off your lips / And get lost in your neon light eyes / It's all about now, it's not about tomorrow / Baby, just gimme tonight," is based on a familiar scene both Liles and Gunderson have seen played out plenty of times, especially as they perform night after night.

"'Gimme Tonight' is a song about a dude that sees this girl at a bar and they have an instant connection," Liles said. "Both are there alone. He's asking her to just give him one night to see if it leads to more. Maybe have a few drinks. Dance a little and see where it goes. He's not asking for her to give him anything tomorrow or the future. 'But just gimme tonight,' as he says."

Love and Theft has plenty of dates on the calendar over the next few months. Find a list of all of their upcoming shows by visiting their website.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Evolution PR Nashville