Watch Lindsay Ell Sing 'I Don't Love You' in Front of Her Ex, Bobby Bones

Could there still be a bit of a spark between singer Lindsay Ell and radio host Bobby Bones? Ell took the stage during Bones' annual Bobby Bones and the Raging Idiots Million Dollar Show, benefiting St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, to perform her current single, "I Don't Love You," while Bones sat on stage watching.

Ell didn't write "I Don't Love You," which was instead written by Adam Hambrick, Melissa Fuller and Neil Medley, but the song seemed a perfect way to kick off her upcoming sophomore album, and delve into her complicated feelings for Bones –– something Ell didn't hesitate to share with her fans.

"Music is supposed to be relatable," Ell told "Music is supposed to be the thing that brings us together as human beings. And if I can sing a song that can reach somebody driving in their car down the road and them be like, 'I know what that feels like,' and it tug at their heartstrings, then we've all done our job."

Ell doesn't mind sharing parts of herself, even the vulnerable sides, with her fans.

"I think that's what this is about," Ell reflected. "That's what we're meant to do here. I mean, it's a lot about just being honest. Like a pulling that layer of the onion off and being like, this is who I am. I feel like when I get the most vulnerable and the most honest is when I get the most reaction from a crowd. When you can go to those places that are uncomfortable sometimes or scary to go to, that's where the magic happens."

Ell also wrote another song specifically about Bones, called "Get Over You," which will also appear on her next record.

"I just hope that especially he knows that sometimes we just have days where we wake up and it's like you're angry at something," Ell told Taste of Country. "In that moment I wrote this song, and it's not even that bad. I'm just super sensitive to stuff like that. But in this moment I wrote this song and it just depicts the feeling of like a day. It's not necessarily how I feel the other 670-whatever days (since the breakup). That's like one day in like the course of the journey."


Photo Credit: Getty / John Shearer