LeAnn Rimes Shows off New Faith-Inspired Tattoo for Fans on Social Media

LeAnn Rimes got a new tattoo this month, showing the finished product off to her followers on social media.

Rimes visited tattoo artist Daniel Winter for her ink, revealing that she had gotten the words "god's work" on her forearm in small black script.

"Thank you [Daniel Stone] for my beautiful new ink!" the singer wrote alongside a photo of herself getting tattooed and a closeup shot of the art. "You are a LovE! [tattoo] [tiny tats] [ink] [god's work] [script] [art]."

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Thank you @winterstone for my beautiful new ink! You are a LovE! #tattoo #tinytats #ink #godswork #script #art

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Many of Rimes' fans loved her new addition, though there were some that took issue with the fact that the musician's tattoo was all lowercase, rather than beginning with a capital G.

Several fans commented in Rimes' defense, including one who wrote, "Some are pointing out to LeAnn that God is spelled with a capital G, not a small g. Although there is one Truth, remember everyone’s interpretation of the truth is different."

"In everyone’s mind theirs is the real truth," they continued. "Remember everyone’s belief system is not like yours. Btw, I’m sure LeAnn knows the difference between God & god and she wrote it exactly how she wanted to, in how it's meaningful to her."

The singer clearly appreciated the fan's message, as she replied to the comment with a single heart emoji.

One day after sharing her new artwork, Rimes posted a Father's Day tribute to her husband, Eddie Cibrian, as well has her dad and grandfather. She shared photos of herself with her dad and grandpa and a photo of Cibrian with his two sons.

"Happy Daddy’s Day to these incredible men, blood, not blood and everything in between, who have shaped my heart in numerous amounts of tremendous ways!" Rimes wrote. "Even though they aren’t daddy’s yet, that includes my two little/not so little LovEs, Mason and Jake! I LovE you all to the deepest depths!"

Cibrian's ex-wife Brandi Glanville, whom he shares his sons with, also shared a Father's Day post honoring the actor.

"Happy birthday& Father’s Day to my baby daddy, you’ve come a long way as a human being and a father and I’m proud of you and us and the way we coparent now," she wrote alongside a photo of Cibrian and his sons. Glanville also added the hashtag [God's work], which some fans took as a dig at Rimes.


"Lovely passive aggressive post," while another comment read, "I see that [god works] shade."

Photo Credit: Getty / Santiago Felipe