Lauren Alaina Knew Jon Pardi Was the Perfect Choice for 'Getting Over Him'

Lauren Alaina has officially sent "Getting Over Him" to country radio as her latest single, recruiting Jon Pardi for the moving on-focused song. In a video sharing the story behind the track, Alaina revealed that Pardi was always her first choice for a duet partner.

"When I went to cut the song, I was like, 'We have to get Jon Pardi,'" the American Idol alum shared, adding that she had has "a ton of great times with Jon Pardi," though "never in this way, because we're just friends." "He is a great time and I knew that he would really sell the song and he would bring everything that we needed to it," she said. "And then when he was on board, I threw a fiddle on there for him just to blend us together a little bit better."

Alaina wrote "Getting Over Him" with Emily Weisband and Paul DiGiovanni and revealed that she originally had an idea for a song called "Getting Over Him Guy." "I wanted it to be a duet, I wanted to show both sides of going out and having a good time and just kind of being like, 'We're just having a good time, nothing serious.'" The 26-year-old noted that she had "never done that," having been in "two very serious relationships."

"I never went out and dated," she explained. "Just kind of went out with people and saw if I liked them or not. So this song was really important for me to write, it's about having a good time on a Friday night. Jon Pardi is the definition of having a good time on a Friday night."

"Getting Over Him" is the title track to Alaina's September EP, and the singer declared the song as "one of my faves." Getting Over Him contains six songs and follows Alaina's March 2020 EP, Getting Good, which features her Top 30 hit "Getting Good."


"I feel like this music shows my personal growth and my emotional growth," Alaina said when announcing Getting Over Him. "This EP of songs is all about loving myself through other people not loving me and not staying with me. It's about me being able to get back to that same confident girl I wrote about on Road Less Travelled and to hold on to that confidence. I get to celebrate that with this music, and I am so excited. I can't wait for the fans to hear it."