Lauren Alaina Reveals Engagement at the Grand Ole Opry

 Lauren Alaina revealed she is engaged during a Nov. 19 appearance on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry. In the middle of a performance, the 28-year-old country star introduced her longtime partner as her "fiance. "Cameron, come here," said Alaina from the stage. When he joined her, she announced to the crowd, "Everybody, this is my fiancé. I told him he had to come out here, and we had to get a picture, so we're doing it because this is the circle, and I'm going to hold my hand up and do the thing. Make some noise for my future husband, everybody!" Alaina went on to show off her new ring and admitted Cameron didn't like going on stage. "He did not want to do that… He likes to be in the shadows, and he was like, 'you're not making me come out there' and I said, 'you are not, not getting a picture in the circle. So, we negotiated, and he came out for the picture," she explained.

"This is the most important place in the world to me, and he's the most important person to me, so, it was pretty amazing to put 'em together and also [he] did really good," Alaina said, pointing to the diamond ring on her finger. While she did not disclose much about the engagement, she recalled seeing the ring for the first time on Nov. 18. "I talk a lot, as y'all have seen, and I did not speak for about 45 seconds when I looked at this ring and realized what was happening. I did not see it coming. It was perfect in every way, and I can't wait to spend forever with him, so I wanted to share [it with you]. Nobody knows I haven't told anybody, so I told you first," she shared as applause erupted from the audience. Alaina commented after taking a picture in the Opry circle, "Okay, now I'm going to sing now that I got my picture and I shared it. I'm going to get married. My Dad's listening, Dad I love you. He's not here tonight, but he's listening to the radio. Thank you for letting me do that, and now I'm going to sing a song about love. Isn't that funny, this is my second No. 1, and I sing it with a guy I grew up with. This is 'What Ifs.'" 


The American Idol alum also posted several images from the reveal on Instagram, along with pictures of the couple's engagement photo shoot with the caption, "BRIDE be dang'd, y'all. My best friend,, asked me to marry him, and I announced it at my favorite place in the world, @opry. I didn't know happiness and excitement like this existed. I can't wait to be Mrs. Cameron Scott Arnold." Alaina previously dated Alex Hopkins for six years; they were engaged in July of 2018 but called off their engagement six months later. According to reports, Alaina and Cameron have been dating for over two years. Their relationship has mostly been kept out of the spotlight, as Alaina has talked about Cameron sparingly in interviews. "He's just a regular guy, a business guy, goes to work every day in a suit. He's a normal guy, he's from Georgia, I'm from Georgia and Jon Pardi likes him," Alaina previously told Talent Recap