Lauren Alaina Recalls a Major Wardrobe Malfunction She Had While on Tour

Lauren Alaina is a big fan of fashion, which led to multiple wardrobe changes on her latest headlining tour. Answering fan questions ahead of the 2021 CMT Music Awards this week, the country star was asked about her craziest tour story, and she responded with the time she had a serious wardrobe malfunction mid-show.

"I decided it would be a really good idea on my headlining tour, whenever I was on the road, I can't remember when that was at this point, but I did a headlining tour," Alaina began, likely referring to her headlining That Girl Was Me Tour, which ran from January-February 2020. "I decided I should do three wardrobe changes in that," she continued. "And [personal assistant] Molly [Smith] had to help me do those changes and one time, I was thinking we were going to be late and we weren't and I ripped my dress all the way down the back that I had to back out there in."

Luckily, Smith came to the rescue. "Molly found a random belt somehow, by the grace of God, and tied the dress back together with the belt," Alaina shared. "And the whole time, Molly was on the side of the stage telling McCoy [Gibbs] my drummer, 'Watch her back!' So that was pretty great."

"And then also one time I fell down a grated stair and busted my knees open and blood went into my cowboy boots," she added. "Those were both pretty bad." During the CMT Music Awards, Alaina and Jon Pardi performed Alaina's current single "Getting Over Him," which appears on her September 2020 EP of the same name.

The 26-year-old wrote the song with Emily Weisband and Paul DiGiovanni and revealed that she originally had an idea for a song called "Getting Over Him Guy." "I wanted it to be a duet, I wanted to show both sides of going out and having a good time and just kind of being like, 'We're just having a good time, nothing serious,'" she said in a video sharing the story behind the song. Alaina noted that she had "never done that," having been in "two very serious relationships."


"I never went out and dated," she explained. "Just kind of went out with people and saw if I liked them or not. So this song was really important for me to write, it's about having a good time on a Friday night. Jon Pardi is the definition of having a good time on a Friday night."