Lauren Alaina Creates Unforgettable Experience for 7-Year-Old Blind Fan

Lauren Alaina continues to prove she has one of the biggest hearts in country music.

The singer hosted a meet and greet for her concert in Indiana and met one of her fans, 7-year-old AJ.

AJ, who's blind, and his mother Heather Hillebrand met the American Idol season 10 runner-up, but it wasn't an ordinary interaction.

When Alaina met AJ, she bent down and placed his hands on her face so that he could "see" her.

"She's amazing. I didn't even have to tell her he was blind. She already knew," Hillebrand said of the "Doin' Fine" singer.

"She knelt down in front of him and grabbed his hands and put them on her face not caring what her makeup looked like," she told the South Bend Tribune.

Hillebrand explained that when she found out Alaina knew her son was blind without being told, it "made me tear up immediately."

"The fact that she took so much time with him when she had a long line of people waiting was amazing," Hillebrand said.

"Everybody around her was crying. She was crying. I was crying," Hillebrand added to the South Bend Tribune. "She was like, 'Do you feel my smiling? I'm smiling just for you?' And then she was like, 'Can I sign your heart?' So she signed his shirt over his heart."

Their meeting also left a mark on Alaina's heart as she addressed it on Twitter later that night. "That little boy made my whole day,' she wrote. "He's a little angel. I love him."

Hillebrand says her son can't stop thinking about Alaina.


"AJ is still saying [Alaina's] in his heart forever … he was so happy," Hillebrand told Sounds Like Nashville. "He was also super tired at this point in the day but he woke right up when she started talking to him. He is a very humble little boy. He is also young so he is just like, 'Mommy, why is everyone talking about me?' I tell him because he is a very special little boy and what Lauren Alaina took the time to do with you was very special."

"He just smiles really big and says, 'She kissed me,' " Hillebrand said.