Lady Antebellum Shares How Their Kids Reacted to Their Most Recent No. 1

Lady Antebellum just scored their first No. 1 hit in six years with "What If I Never Get Over You," celebrating with a party in Nashville this month. The achievement is the first No. 1 for the band since most of them have had kids, which made it all the more special to celebrate with their families.

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"We got the call a couple of weeks ago when the song went number one and we did a toast at my house and my husband Chris opened up a bottle of champagne and then we always have like the sparkling grape juice for Eisele because she loves to be a part of it," said Hillary Scott, who shares 6-year-old daughter Eisele and 2-year-old twins Betsy and Emory with husband Chris Tyrrell. "Twins, not so much. They just ask for mom and want to hear the song. But we had this toast this moment. And so she got to kind of understand kind of what it was."

"Really in her lifetime, since she was born, 'Bartender' was number one, and then this is the first number one that Eisele will know, which is super cool," she added. "And so to be able to talk to her about that. And then this morning my girls woke up, my twin girls, my husband was taking Eisele to school and they asked for our record, they love to listen to our record."

Dave Haywood and wife Kelli share 5-year-old son Cash, who joined his parents at the event, and daughter Lillie, 2, and Haywood shared that the fact that this is the band's first number one in his son's lifetime reinforces the significance of the moment.

"'Bartender' was 2014, it was our last number one, six years ago," he reflected. "And so [Cash is] five, and I was like, 'Honey, this isn't the first time he's ever done this in his entire life of five years.' And so those are the things that make me remember how special this moment is. This hasn't been something... you got too many of them, you don't even have time to attend. This is a big moment for us as a band. It validates so much of what we've just kind of been wrestling and fighting for, which is returning to music that really speaks to us. So I think this is definitely a moment in time that we're thrilled to share with our families."

Charles Kelley and wife Cassie's 4-year-old son, Ward, wasn't quite as interested.


"My kid on the other hand, I asked if he wanted to come [to the party], and he said, 'No, I'm okay,'" Kelley joked. "He wanted to stay at school."

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