Lady Antebellum Feels 'Refreshed' as They Prepare to Release New Music

Lady Antebellum just revealed they were working on a new album, which will be their seventh, and their first on Big Machine. As the trio, made up of Charles Kelley, Hillary Scott and Dave Haywood, write and record songs, they are more ready than they have ever been to share new music with their fans.

"We feel, I think refreshed in a way artistically that we haven't in a long time," Scott recently shared with and other media.

Part of their revival, Scott says, happened when they began working with Big Machine executive Jimmy Harmen, who encouraged the threesome to make music that felt authentic to them.

"He said something to us early on in this process that will forever be one of the most brave things I've ever heard when it comes to going in to create an album," Scott recalled. "He said 'You think about the commercial appeal of your music. You're huge pop music fans, but go make the record you're going to be proud for the rest of your life that you made.' Having him tell me that, he said it to all of us, but how I've taken it to heart that basically was giving me the whole world in my head and heart creatively."

"'At the end of the day, we want you, as your label partner for you to lay your heads on your pillow at night and be so unbelievably proud of the record that you're making,'" she recounted. "And so that's kind of what I think about going into the rest of this process and every step up until now is I feel that way."

Working on their upcoming project has reminded all three of them of the excitement and energy they felt while working on their self-titled freshman album in 2008.

"It's felt a lot like the early days," Haywood said. "We were at our photo shoot for this a couple of weeks ago and we were all talking like, 'God this feel like the very first photo shoot for our first album,' which was the three of us out in Los Angeles."

"It's just been fun," he continued. "I don't know if reset's a good word for that. I mean it feels like we're kind of returning to the core to me of who we are, what we do."


No word yet when the record will be released. Lady Antebellum is continuing their Our Kind of Night residency in Las Vegas, as well as performing at several fairs and festivals over the summer. Find dates at their official website.

Photo Credit: Getty images/Rick Diamond