Lady Antebellum Offers Details on 'Our Kind of Vegas' Residency

Lady Antebellum is offering up more details about their upcoming Las Vegas residency, Our Kind of [...]

Lady Antebellum is offering up more details about their upcoming Las Vegas residency, Our Kind of Vegas. The trio, made up of Charles Kelley, Hillary Scott and Dave Haywood, promises both big theatrical moments, along with more intimate, personal ones as well.

"I think we want to definitely bring that energy and bring that excitement that Las Vegas really has, and we want to bring our version of that to the stage," Scott shared with and other media. "But then, making the moments that are really intimate really special and feel very much like you're in our living room. I think it'll be great to feed off the crowd."

The trio members are all big fans of the songwriters behind the songs, so they look forward to also allowing the songwriters to perform their own songs throughout the evening.

"Every night can be different and spontaneous and I think we might even bring some of our songwriter friends out to perform with us," Scott continued. "We're writing for the new record. So it'll just be fun to make every night its own special thing."

Lady Antebellum famously used horns on "You Look Good," the debut single from their 2017 Heart Break album — and they hint that horns might reappear in their Vegas show.

"Our first phone call was to our horn players," recalled Haywood. "We said, 'Guys, you gotta come back.' So we want to make it big and ... flashy, to kind of kick off the night. Again, we might have some songwriters out while we're writing to get up on stage and talk about some of the stuff that we've written in our past with them as well. So a combination of the two."

The threesome also hinted that they will perform some songs that fans haven't heard in a while, only in slightly different versions than what they originally recorded.

"Honestly, I think we're looking forward to creatively exploring a bunch of songs that we've released over the years," Scott revealed. "The ballad moments for sure. I think uncovering some songs that have been on our past records that we haven't been able to perform a ton live, will be really fun to dig in deep to the albums and find our favorites that we would perform every night if we could. I think that'll be the set list."

"Putting it together, piecing it together will be really, really fun," she continued. "Getting into rehearsals and just envisioning bringing these songs to life. But absolutely, I think taking songs like 'Just a Kiss' or 'Need You Now' and finding new ways to bring them to life differently."

"And unearthing songs," Kelley interjected. "We haven't done 'Hello World' in a long time because when you're out there on a Saturday in an amphitheater, you've got a bunch of people that have been tailgating and drinking since noon, they don't really want to hear 'Hello World,' necessarily. But you get them in a theater, it might be something where we can start unearthing some of these songs that we've played on the side for a while."

Our Kind of Vegas will be held at Palms Casino Resort's Pearl Concert Theater. The residency begins on Feb. 8. More information can be found at

Photo Credit: Green Room PR/John Shearer