Kip Moore Reveals How He Is Filling His Time During Coronavirus Outbreak

Social-distancing might be hard for some people, but not for Kip Moore. The Georgia native is [...]

Social-distancing might be hard for some people, but not for Kip Moore. The Georgia native is doing his part by staying away from others during the coronavirus outbreak, which he says for him isn't much different than how he spends much of his time anyway.

"I'm doing a lot of the same things I've always done to stay healthy," Moore shared with his record label. "I'm trying to eat right, take care of my body. But I have followed the guidelines of quarantining myself. I'm trying to do everything asked of me. I'm currently in the mountains and I'm rock climbing. I'm completely solo. I'm off the grid. I've stocked up on a lot of frozen meats. I've got a little lodge up here in Kentucky, so I'm hanging out here, so that's where I'm spending my time."

Moore is also using the time to learn a new language –– something he has wanted to do but never really had the time, until now.

"I've always wanted to learn Spanish," shared the singer. "I've always been able to dabble in it, but I want to get better at it. So, the first thing I did was I downloaded the Duolingo app, and it's very elementary. Every single morning, I try to spend 45 minutes to an hour with that app, and the other thing that I've been trying to do is I have been outside trying to work on my skateboard game."

Moore is also helping those in need, who are struggling financially while unable to work, by offering to pay for a meal at The Wild Cow, a popular vegan restaurant in Nashville, which is currently only serving take-out or delivery, due to city-wide restrictions due to coronavirus.

Moore is planning on joining Sam Hunt on Hunt's The Southside Summer Tour, which is still scheduled to kick off on May 28 in Charlotte, North Carolina. Moore is also reportedly working on a new album. Find dates and details by visiting his website.

Photo Credit: Getty / Ethan Miller