Keith Urban Reveals His Home Burned Down as a Child When Discussing California Wildfires

Keith Urban understands what the people affected by the California wildfires are going through, since his own family survived losing their home to a fire when growing up.

"When I was 10, our house burned down, so I know that feeling of losing your house," Urban told Extra before Wednesday's CMA Awards began. "We completely lost everything. Luckily, we were all okay…. When you are walking through the house and it’s charred, black as black everywhere you look, water’s dripping and the firefighters have left, I remember thinking, 'I was just in here getting ready for school…' It gives me chills."

At the time, the community helped him and his family, so he wanted to repay that in California.

“I’m literally helping out one of my friends out there get back on their feet," he said.

Urban added, “What I remember is the community coming together in such an incredible way… You are seeing that out in California right now, and it's amazing.”

"So I know that feeling, but what I remember was the community coming together in such an incredible way," he continued. "And not just the Goodwills and the Salvation Armys and the Red Crosses, which also came to our aid, but also the community with clothing and food and shelter and a place to stay — unbelievable. And you’re seeing it out in California. right now. It’s really amazing."

Last month, the New Zealand-born, Australia-raised Urban said his own childhood experiences influenced his decision to become one of the most philanthropic country stars today. He has supported St. Jude's Children Hospital, the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum's All For The Hall and other music education programs. He has also visited ill fans before his shows in viral hospital videos.

"I remember a couple things happened; the first was the Red Cross, and I believe it was Goodwill, both stepped up and gave us some clothing," Urban recalled in an interview with All Access in October. "It had some personal effects and got us back on our feet. The other big thing that happened was that we were members of this country music club, and they put on this fundraiser for us at somebody's house."

The fires in California have brought out the best in other celebrities who donated to help those who have lost homes, even though their own homes have been damaged. Model Bella Hadid donated $10,000, while Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth donated $500,000 after their Malibu communities were ravaged by the Woolsey Fire.

The Woolsey Fire began on Nov. 8 and was 57 percent contained by Wednesday night. According to KTLA, three deaths have been linked to the fire. On Wednesday, Alfred Deciutiis, a 73-year-old retired oncologist, was found near Agoura Hills. The fire has destroyed about 504 structures and over 57,000 are still under threat.


For ways to help the victims of the California wildfires, click here.

Photo credit: Terry Wyatt/Getty Images