Watch Keith Urban's New 'Never Comin' Down' Video

Fresh off the release of Keith Urban's latest single, "Never Comin' Down," the singer-songwriter has released a video for the tune. The song, written by Urban along with Josh Kerr, James Abrahart and Shy Carter, is the fourth single from his recent Graffiti U album.

"'Never Comin Down' captures the energy and spirit of being at a show – lost in the music, along with everyone else that's there, whether you know them or not," Urban explains in a statement. "That's the feeling that I wanted to capture in the video."

The eclectic video was directed by Carter Smith, who wanted to illustrate people's individual personalities.

"In casting, we took the people that were happiest to be themselves – whatever that was," Smith says. "We brought in voguers, break dancers, hip-hop dancers – line dancers – everybody's dancing together for this one song, on this one night."

The video begins with a solitary young man, dropped off at a bar by a driver, who happens to be Urban. As the man enters the bar, Urban becomes the singer, with an eclectic crowd gathered who transform the man throughout the song.

The song, which follows Urban's latest No. 1 hit, "Coming Home," is one the Aussie is proud to be a part of.

"Those three guys were mixing up some sort of various cocktail environment, figuratively and literally upstairs, and there was just such a great thing happening up there," Urban recalls. "I had this drum beat that I had carried around for a bit, and I presented that, and we started building on that. It really started with a tribal rhythmic feel."

"Never Comin' Down" is part of a diverse record that shows how multi-dimensional Urban is as an artist.

"The listener is always going to decide what genre it fits into," Urban tells Rolling Stone Country. "I've always made music that has felt not as country necessarily, that someone in Nashville may say, 'Oh, this isn't very country,' but everybody else would say, 'That's totally country. What else is it?'

"It's all relative to where you are, what you're immersed in, and how you define genres as a listener," he continues. "My goal was to keep capturing my musical heart where it is right now. And it's in motion. So this is musically where I'm at right now."


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Photo Credit: Getty images/Tim Mosenfelder