Keith Urban Wanted 'To Put Good Into the World' With the Release of 'Female'

Keith Urban had a very specific reason for releasing 'Female,' and it had nothing to do with album [...]

Keith Urban had a very specific reason for releasing "Female," and it had nothing to do with album sales or chart positions. The Australian native felt the message of "Female" was an important one that needed to be shared with everyone else.

"My motivation [to record 'Female'] was true, and I didn't feel any need to overthink it. I want to put good into the world when and where I can, and this song felt like that to me," Urban says. "It doesn't cover the whole subject, narrative, situation, feeling; no song can, but it's a color in the rainbow that I was very grateful that I got to bring into being, a very small part of it."

Urban knew he wanted to record the song, which says "Soul survivor, Holy water / secret keeper, fortune teller / Virgin Mary, scarlet letter / technicolor, river wild / baby girl, women shine / female," as soon as he heard it, and wanted to include the song's co-writer, Nicolle Galyon on the track, along with Urban's wife, actress Nicole Kidman.

"When I was working at my studio at the house, Nic was home … my Nic was home, and I went upstairs and said 'Would you come down and sing these parts as well?'" Urban recalled. "'Cause it'd be great to have on this record. Of all songs this is the right one to have you on,'" he continued. "So, she came down and sang along with Nicolle Galyon. So, there's Nic and Nic on the track."

"Female" is the debut single from Urban's upcoming Graffiti U album, which will be released later this year. Urban will embark on his Graffiti U Tour on June 15, with Kelsea Ballerini serving as his opening act. A list of all of Urban's upcoming shows can be found on his website.

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Photo Credit: Facebook/Keith Urban