Kane Brown on Becoming a Father: 'I Just Want to Be There for Her'

Kane Brown and his wife, Katelyn Jae, will become first-time parents later this year, when they welcome their baby girl. The 25-year-old might be inexperienced as a father, but already knows what kind of dad he wants to be.

"Hopefully she plays sports and I can be that dad that's the coach," Brown recently shared with PopCulture.com and other media. "I want to coach a Little League team. I'll be there for when her first boyfriend breaks her heart. I'll be the dad that sits at the table and helps with her homework. I just want to be there for her."

Although the couple has yet to announce Jae's due date, Brown reveals they still have plenty of things to get in place before they welcome their daughter.

"We've got to get a crib," Brown divulged. "I want to get somebody in to decorate [the nursery]. Because if I do it, it's going to be a crib in a room. It would be awful and my wife is probably going to kill me or something. I just want somebody to come in and decorate it real well."

Brown may not have the nursery ready, but his little girl already has a stylish wardrobe.

"I have been getting a lot of cool clothes," said Brown. "I didn't buy them. I bought like two things but people have been sending us all kinds of clothes. We got some Gucci shoes now. We got some Yeezys and little pink Jordans. She going to be a styling baby."

Brown previously vowed he would likely carry his daughter with him everywhere he went.

"I'm prepared. I'm not going to let the baby go — I'm going to hold on to [her] the whole time," Brown told PEOPLE. "I might be carrying the baby down the carpet with me next!"

In between getting ready for the new addition to the family, Brown is also promoting his latest single, "Homesick," from his latest Experiment album.

"'Homesick' is a song that I wrote for myself, basically at the moment where it was just me being on the road so much, and missing my family and my wife," Brown told PopCulture.com. "And after I finished this song, I really listened to it, and to see who could relate to it, and the military popped into my head, so we decided to dedicate this song to the military.


"My music video is all the military coming home for their homecoming," he added. "So it's awesome. It's very emotional."

Photo Credit: Getty images/Kevin Winter