Kacey Musgraves Feels 'Freaky' Pressure After Success of 'Golden Hour'

Kacey Musgraves earned four Grammy Awards from her latest Golden Hour album, taking her from a [...]

Kacey Musgraves earned four Grammy Awards from her latest Golden Hour album, taking her from a country star to a household name. But with the success comes pressure, which Musgraves is feeling as she starts writing for her next project.

"It can be freaky, because Golden Hour really resonated with a lot of people and reached far beyond what I ever thought it could do," Musgraves confessed to Glamour. "So there can be a worry inside your mind a little bit, as a creative person, thinking about the fact that there's no way to bank on the muse coming and visiting you again."

"It's not certain," she added. "I'm not owed anything by it. It just comes when it comes."

One of Musgraves' four Grammys was for the all-genre Album of the Year, which the Texan is still coming to terms with.

"It was a moment of definite disbelief, but also openheartedness," Musgraves said of the Grammy Awards ceremony. "I was flashing back through writing all the songs, meeting my husband, recording everything, and all the positivity that's come my way through all of this. It was this overwhelming sense of gratitude. I love these songs so much."

Musgraves' eclectic Golden Hour clearly resonated with people, even non-country fans, but according to the singer, that isn't the point.

"People are just looking for something to connect with," she said. "We're all made of the same emotions. It doesn't matter where you're from or what you have your station set to. I feel like if I just stick to what makes me feel something, then it's ultimately going to result in connection with people. I mean, that's the whole point of writing."

When Musgraves was writing the songs for Golden Hour, she was also falling in love with her now-husband, Ruston Kelly. As her popularity increases, and she spends more and more time on the road, she knows finding time to write for her next set of tunes might be tricky – but she won't let that become an excuse.

"When you're younger and have opportunities knocking at your door, you think, I have to say yes; what if they don't knock again?" Musgraves maintained. "But that's just not how it really works. Opportunities will knock as long as you feel like you have enough of yourself to keep giving. That's been a good part of hitting 30 and getting older — the power of saying no is a beautiful thing, and it can actually bring a lot more yeses into your life."

Photo Credit: Getty / Steve Jennings