Kacey Musgraves 'Fortunate' to Tour With Willie Nelson, Katy Perry

Kacey Musgraves isn't about to be bound by genres, whether it's in her albums or on her tours. The 29-year-old has opened for a wide array of artists of all styles, which she says only goes to show music doesn't need to be labeled to be good.

"I've been really fortunate to be able to tour with a very wide array of people, all different backgrounds of music," Musgraves tells Grammy.com. "I remember one Summer we toured with Willie Nelson and then literally turned around and toured with Katy Perry. And it made me really happy, because I love many sides of music. And you won't find somebody who loves traditional country music more than me. I love it so much, but I love so many other things too.

"So to be able to keep a foot in that world and a foot in the other things in the worlds that inspire me is really gratifying," she continues. "From day one, I always wanted to be the kind of artist that could play a country festival and then turn around and play Bonnaroo or Newport Folk or whatever it is. Music is music."

Musgraves, who just wrapped up her run with Harry Styles on his Flicker Would Tour, takes plenty of notes when she's opening for an artist. But it was Perry, who Musgraves opened for in 2014, when she had only released her freshman Same Trailer, Different Park album, where Musgraves perhaps learned the most.

"Being on tour with Katy Perry was one of the most fun and wild experiences ever, and seeing that type of show every night, that production, her flying around with a bouquet of balloons," says Musgraves. "It was just unreal, and it was so fun. It was like a Vegas show every night. But it was cool, because before that, I would just get up and do what I do, and sing my songs, and somehow it works.

"We just finished a tour with Harry Styles and I feel the same way," she adds. "I mean, at first, on paper, a lot of people are like, 'This tour doesn't really make that much sense.' But in the end, it ended up being just an amazing pairing and really fun. And it just goes to show you that a good song is a good song. It doesn't really matter what category it falls into."

Musgraves will kick off her headlining Oh, What a World Tour on Oct. 21 in Amsterdam. The United States leg of the trek begins on January 9 in Indianapolis, with many of those dates already sold out. Find more information at KaceyMusgraves.com.


Photo Credit: Getty images/Burak Cingi