Emerging Country Singer Jordana Bryant Releases New Single 'Penniless and Broke' (Exclusive Debut + Interview)

Jordana Bryant is an emerging country singer who is already making waves in the industry, and PopCulture.com is excited to exclusively debut her new single "Penniless and Broke," which can be streamed in the video below. At just 17 years old, Bryant is an undeniable talent and the new track is evidence that she is poised to be a contender in Music City. In addition to debuting the new song, Pop Culture also had a chance to get some insight into "Penniless and Broke" from Bryant herself, who shared a little about the story behind the song.

"I wrote 'Penniless and Broke' as an anthem for anyone who's ever been told cliche breakup lines like 'you deserve better' or 'it's me, not you' or 'I need to work on myself.' Chances are, if someone is breaking it off with you by saying those types of things, they're right; you're way too good for them," Bryant told PopCulture via email. "But it still hurts – especially when you really care for that person and would have stayed to work through whatever issues there were if they only wanted to put effort into it too. So, I wanted to write 'Penniless and Broke' to remind anyone who's experienced this that they deserve someone awesome, and anyone who can't see that isn't worth their time."

When it comes to the inspiration behind the song, Bryant shared, "A friend of mine got dumped with one of those cliche lines, and I could tell that she was upset that after being with that person for a while and really caring for him, he ended things in such a vague and general way. So I wanted to write a song for her, and anyone else who's experienced this, to remind them that they're way too good to be with someone who treats them like that and that the person who broke up with them just lost someone amazing."

Finally, reflecting on the song's evolution, Bryant explained, "I came up with the idea and wrote the chorus in the fall, and shortly after, I brought it into a session with two of my favorite writers and in one afternoon, we developed the rest of the song. The day-of demo gave us a great foundation for the final production for the song, which was done by Seth Mosley and Tom Jordan (from the duo, Seaforth). They did such a killer job bringing the song to life. I'm so happy with how it all turned out." Check out "Penniless and Broke" at the link above, and click here to follow Bryant on Instagram for updates on her music and concerts.