Jon Pardi Reveals Inspiration For 'She Ain't In It' Video

Jon Pardi shows off his acting chops with the video for his latest single, "She Ain't In It." The black-and-white video, shot in his home state of California, shows Pardi as a rancher, carrying on with his life while trying to get over the biggest heartache of his life.

"Originally I had Southern California in mind when we were writing this song," Pardi recently shared with and other media outlets. "Seeing a pretty girl out there on the beach, and I was in Venice Beach. It was close to LA, and it makes it really easier when it's close to Los Angeles for cameras and such, and actors, and people that can come out, dance on the beach around a magical trailer selling hot dogs. It was a lot of fun.

"Walking around Venice, and feeling the beach, and everything with the song, it was really cool," he continued. "And the coloring came out really awesome, and I think it really made the song cooler, with a fresh cool video, especially me walking around full cowboy gear in Venice Beach."

Although artists are getting more and more attention for their elaborate videos, the 32-year-old was only thinking about how to best portray the emotional tune.

"Nobody thought about winning an award," insisted Pardi. "They just thought about actually [making] a music video that goes with the song, and we did it right."

"She Ain't In It" is Pardi's third single from his sophomore California Sunrise, with the first two singles, "Head Over Boots" and "Dirt on My Boots" both landing at the top of the charts. But although "She Ain't In It" is a different direction for Pardi, he feels confident in its success.

"When we first heard that song, we knew that it would be cool if it was a single," he revealed. "It's not a single because of a really fast melody, or a really catchy melody that's familiar with pop, or familiar to another genre, or a drum beat, or a drum machine, or a whistle – whatever is in a lot of songs in modern country. I'll admit myself, it's fun to dance around in your underwear, it's cool. It's not that song though."


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Photo Credit: Instagram/JonPardiPics