Joe Diffie Claims Garth Brooks Had a 'Blue Aura' Around Him During a Performance Early in His Career

When Garth Brooks was getting his start in country music, so was Joe Diffie. Although they both came up in country music around the same time, with Brooks' self-titled debut album released in 1989, one year before Diffie's freshman A Thousand Winding Roads came out, Diffie knew early on that Brooks had something that he, and likely anyone else, had never seen before.

"I went to a showcase, and it was Garth," Diffie recalled to Bobby Bones on his iHeartRadio The Bobby Bones Show. "I was sitting around, having a beer, talking to some friends of mine, and I look up. He's playing up there, and I saw an aura around him. I'm not kidding. So I start looking around the room. I'm like, 'Well, the lights got to be weird. There's something weird going on around here.' And I couldn't find any reason that he had a blue aura around him. I swear to goodness. It was the weirdest thing."

Aura or not, Brooks' career is still at an all-time high, 30 years after it began. The 57-year-old just won the CMA Award for Entertainer of the Year, for the seventh time in his career.

"Being the Entertainer of the Year is always a wonderful thought," Brooks told and other media backstage. "I'm also trying to remember whose name has been honored for the last 365 days: Keith Urban. Keith Urban's name is an award, it's the one you want. It's one that's cool. And then my favorite thing about this one –– seven is going to be my favorite one because it is a separate one, but because it was on a historic night where country music saluted with and being married to one of the greatest female singers that ever walked this planet, no matter what music genre it is.

"And then being the father of three daughters, I like the message tonight, that the future is infinite and I loved, I loved the game," he added. "I loved the songwriter that said two favorite things are to love and to dream. I want to take that with me and preach that."


Brooks has three shows listed on his website for 2020, all stadium shows, which all quickly sold out. He has also hinted he will continue his Dive Bar Tour next year. Keep track of updates at

Photo Credit: Getty / Randy Holmes