Jimmie Allen Reflects on Loss of Father: 'Thank You for All the Memories Dad'

Jimmie Allen is reflecting on the loss of his father, James E. Allen, who passed away in September. Allen returned to his native Delaware for the funeral, held on Monday, Sept. 30, opening up about the loss on social media.

"Today we laid my father James E Allen I to rest," Allen wrote alongside a photo of his dad. "Thank you for all the memories dad, teaching me to bait my first hook, skin my first deer, shoot my first gun and the love of people and country music you placed in my heart. So many will remember you for your service to our country overseas helping keep our country safe, your out of this world baseball skills, but I remember the big hearted, kind and patient man you were.

"Feels like just yesterday I was 6 years old and we were building the front porch and Aaron Tippin was on the radio with you singing along," he continued. "Thank you for teaching me and making me the man I am today. I'll never forget you and I'll hold on to your love forever until I see your face again. Rest Easy Dad. With Love your son James E Allen II."

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Several artists offered their condolences to Allen by commenting on his post.

"Beautiful dedication to your dad Jimmie," Gavin DeGraw wrote. "Sending you condolences, peace, and so much love today brother. You will carry his torch."

"I feel for you my friend," said Jake Owen. "Sending you good prayers and thoughts. I never met your father but if he was anything like you I'm sure he was one heck of a guy."

"God bless him and God bless you my friend," added 3 Doors Down Brad Arnold.

In July, Allen announced his engagement to his girlfriend, Alexis Gale. He is back at radio with his second single, "Make Me Want To," after his debut release "Best Shot," landed at the top of the charts. Both songs are from Allen's freshman Mercury Lane album.

"Mercury Lane is the street I grew up on in Delaware, in this town called Milton," Allen explained to PopCulture.com. "I learned so much about how to be a man, and be father, to never give up, to chase your dreams not matter what and it's been great. And I felt like I wanted to put songs on the album that would resonate with different groups of people. I didn't wanna make an album and say, 'Okay, I want to just make a country record, or just a pop record, or a rock record, or R&B record.'

"I'm a country boy," he continued. "I grew up in a small town, but I love the stories in country music. I love the stories in Christian music. I love the feel and melodies in pop and R&B, and I love the groove in Hip-Hop, and some of the chord changes that they have in jazz and I try to find a way to incorporate them all."

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