Jillian Jacqueline Reveals How She Got Keith Urban to Sing on 'If I Were You'

It's not every day a rising artist gets a superstar to collaborate with them on a song, but then again, neither Jillian Jacqueline nor Keith Urban are your typical singers. So when Jacqueline recorded "If I Were You," she got Urban to contribute both his vocals and his guitar skills on the track.

"We had originally recorded the song as just my vocal and one electric guitar. Very stripped down," Jacqueline recalls to CMT. "We sent it to Keith and he loved it and wanted to be a part of the song. So we took it to him and then it grew into something bigger from there."

Not only did Urban lend his talents, but he did it in his own home, and invited Jacqueline in to the studio with him.

"He invited me to his home studio while he recorded vocals and played guitar on it, and it all came together in a couple of hours," she adds. "He sang his parts flawlessly along with my vocals while I was sitting next to him on the floor. It was the most laid-back and creative environment. We had a blast and he's been super supportive of what [producer] Tofer Brown and I have done creatively with my music."

Jacqueline co-wrote "If I Were You," from a personal standpoint, unaware that she would have an artist like Urban join her on the single.

"I couldn't wait to share this song. I wrote it — with Sarah Buxton and Jordan Reynolds — about meeting and falling for someone new very soon after a heartbreak and feeling unprepared to love again," Jacqueline says. "The song was very real to me when I wrote it, and is now one of the most special songs of my career because Keith is part of it with me. His voice and guitar playing took this song to the next level," she said, "and I am so proud of it."

This isn't Jacqueline's first brush with a superstar. As a child, she performed for several years with Kenny Rogers, on his Broadway-style Christmas show, before temporarily abandoning music to study marketing and international business at Philadelphia University.

Jacqueline has plenty of dates on the calendar for the rest of 2018, including shows with Florida Georgia Line, and an opening spot on Kip Moore's After the Sunburn Tour this fall. Find a list of all of her upcoming shows at JillianJacqueline.com.


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Photo Credit: Getty images/Mat Hayward