Jerrod Niemann on Releasing Patriotic 'Old Glory': 'I'm Lucky to Be the Messenger'

Jerrod Niemann released the patriotic song, "Old Glory," last year, honoring those who serve in the military all over the world. Niemann is proud of the song, and the message behind it, but mostly feels fortunate that he is the one who gets to deliver it.

"I always say, 'It could be Kermit the Frog singing,' I'm just lucky to be the messenger, but it's a message that does need to be heard," Niemann told "I feel like as generations go by, it's easy if you're not exposed to the information, for kids to not understand the importance of so many sacrifices. As a civilian, I didn't realize – even being a fan of our military and having family in it – I didn't realize some of the sacrifices."

Niemann recalled a few specific memories that made him determined to do all he could for those serving overseas, including going on several USO Tours to perform for the troops.

"When we were in Iraq on Christmas Eve, a guy had told me that his wife left him," shared the singer. "We were there on Christmas, and she left him on Christmas Eve, and he had eight more months in Iraq. I thought, 'Oh, my God, I can't imagine being halfway around the world and getting that news.' Another guy lost his mother two weeks before that, and didn't go to her funeral. There's just endless amounts of stories off the battlefield that we don't realize, and it is the families that truly serve.

"For me, it just changed my life going on those trips," he continued. "And so, when I was able to write that song, I was just so thankful, because I've seen in so many different places, all over our country, people support that. It makes me feel good that there's everybody that's still proud and thankful for what our brave men and women have done over the years."

Niemann, who has just been named as the popular Durango Boots' Country Music Brand Ambassador, maintains a busy touring schedule, but still finds time to perform for the troops whenever he can.

"We've done some stuff in the states," said Niemann. "We did Fort Hood's anniversary. They had a big one, and so it was a big celebration, and we did this thing called Create and Connect, where we donate five guitars to the USO for the Family Center, so maybe these kids could have something to do while mom and dad are overseas.

"Somewhere like Fort Hood has an 80% deployment rate, and it's all Iraq and Afghanistan, so it's not pretty," he added. "It's cool to just try to help. Since I haven't ever worn the uniform, I really don't know – I can just go by what the stories I hear, so hopefully these guitars will make a difference and allow these kids to be able to do something together."


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Photo Credit: Getty images/Harmony Gerber