Jelly Roll's Tattoos, What They Mean and Why He'd Remove '96%' of Them

Jelly Roll says he has more "more tattoo regrets" than ones he's glad he got inked on his skin.

One of Jelly Roll's defining traits is his many tattoos, some of which have interesting meanings. However, the rapper-turned-country star recently revealed that he would remove "96 percent" of his body art. During an interview on Audacy Check In, host Jason Bailey asked Jelly Roll if he had any tattoo regrets, to which the "Save Me" singer candidly replied, "Oh, 96% of them. I have more tattoo regrets than I do, 'Man I'm glad I got this.'"

Explaining why he feels that the majority of his tattoos are ones he would not get if he had it to do over again, Jelly Roll said, "How you think at 16 years old and how you think at 36 years old are so dramatically far apart from each other. It's embarrassing." Notably, he did confess that there are some he feels sentimental about. "The tour tattoos I would keep 'cause they do have a cool story, but the rest of these are like, 'Yeah dude, I can't believe I thought like that,'" he said. Offering some backstory on one tattoo he wouldn't repeat, Jelly Roll joked, "I've got a Gerber baby smoking a joint tattooed on my arm. I don't know who authorized this in my life or who was around me at this moment, but I hate them."

One tattoo that Jelly Roll might not regret is the apple core ink that sits on his left cheek. This particular artwork seems to have an important significance to the artist, as Country Now points out. Specifically, the tattoo is a tribute to his fans, some of whom have an unofficial group called "the bad apples." The choice to use this term comes from one of Jelly Roll's past tracks, "Bad Apples" from 2014. In the song, he sings, "Some people call me a bad apple/Yeah, I may be bruised but I still taste sweet/Some people call me a bad apple/But I may be the sweetest apple on the tree."

Country Now points out that Jelly Roll's "bad apples" even have their own private Facebook group. "This is THE place to come for Jelly Roll fans. Talk about your favorite Jelly song, talk about what his music has gotten you through in the past. Share your favorite Jelly song or funny moment," a description of the fan page reads. "All we ask is that you don't bring drama, and don't post music that isn't either Jelly or one of his associates artists. This should be a happy place."