Jason Aldean Reveals Why He Wanted to Be the One to Host Kane Brown's Baby Shower

Last month, Jason Aldean and his wife, Brittany Aldean, threw Kane Brown, along with his wife, Katelyn, an elaborate baby shower, complete with decorations announcing their daughter's name, Kingsley. Aldean certainly had plenty to keep him busy without adding planning a big party to the list, but says it was important to him that he be the one to throw the party because of his friendship with Brown.

"It was just a night to go out and celebrate with them," Aldean shared with E! News. "As a new parent waiting on a baby, you're nervous so it kind of gave Katelyn and Kane just a chance to let their hair down a little bit and just enjoy the night, and talk to some other people who are new [parents] and just kind of give them a little bit of encouragement that everything was gonna be cool. And everybody had a great time."

Aldean has two older daughters, Keeley and Kendyl, from his first marriage. He also shares 1-year-old son Memphis and 7-month old daughter Navy with his wife, Brittany Aldean, which makes them perfectly equipped to dole out advice.

"My wife and I have planned two now within the span of under two years so we got a little bit of experience there," Aldean added.

The 42-year-old is enjoying the stage of life he is at with both his older daughters and his toddler and baby, maybe more than he has been able to in the past.

"It's just fun now. It's fun to be able to enjoy life a little bit and without maybe taking everything so seriously," acknowledged the singer. "And I think having little kids around kinda helps with that, kinda keeps you young and feeling energized."

"Personal life and professional life – when you feel like you got all those things sorted out, you feel good about everything and comfortable and it makes everything kinda flow better," he added.

Aldean just opened up about his oldest daughter, Keeley, who is hoping to follow in her father's footsteps and become a musician. With one almost into adulthood, and one still in diapers, Aldean is cherishing every moment.

"Being a parent is just the coolest thing ever," gushed Aldean. "It's a little scary when you first bring them home, knowing that you're responsible for the life of this person. And then it's just like the coolest thing ever to watch them grow up and start to develop their personalities…I don't know, I have to say there's nothing like it and it's exciting."

Brown is joining Aldean on his Ride All Night Tour, which will wrap up on Oct. 11 in Texas. Find dates at JasonAldean.com.


Photo Credit: Getty images / Mat Hayward