Jason Aldean Reveals Major Financial Splurge He Already Regrets

Jason Aldean is getting ready to release his ninth studio album, appropriately called 9, next [...]

Jason Aldean is getting ready to release his ninth studio album, appropriately called 9, next month. Aldean has already sold millions of records, charted more than 30 singles, and headlined massive, sold-out tours. In other words, Aldean can afford to buy pretty much anything he wants. But Aldean recently made a last-minute splurge on a pricey item, and he admits he is already regretting the purchase.

"I just bought a car," Aldean revealed on Cumulus' Broadway's Electric Barnyard. "So here's the thing: I've never owned a car in my life. I've always had a truck or a Tahoe, or something like that, but I've never actually owned a car. So I went this week, and I was just kind of looking around, and there was this really cool one that I saw, so I kind of made an impulse buy on a car. It was a Mercedes-AMG GT. It's pretty cool. I'm not even a car guy, but this car was pretty sharp. It's flat gray. It's pretty bad."

When asked about the price of his new luxury car, Aldean said, "It's more than I want to tell you. I'm actually gonna return it next week. I've been feeling guilty ever since I bought it."

The "We Back" singer also divulged that he has a business manager who handles all of these details for him, more for his own protection than convenience.

"It's just a sign that I don't want to be in charge of my own money, because I'd probably do something stupid with it," Aldean acknowledged.

One thing Aldean doesn't mind spending money on is his massive new house he his building with his wife, Brittany Aldean. The mansion will include a concrete safe room, a large outdoor porch area, a spiral staircase, and a large pool with a water slide.

Aldean will wrap up his Ride All Night Tour next weekend, and will then enjoy a few months off before he kicks off his We Back Tour in January, with Morgan Wallen serving as his opening act. 9 will be released on Nov. 22. In addition to the single, which Florida Georgia Line's Tyler Hubbard co-wrote, Aldean has also released "Blame It on You," "Keeping It Small Town," "Dirt We Were Raised On" and "I Don't Drink Anymore." Find a list of all of Aldean's scheduled shows, and pre-order 9, by visiting his website.

Photo Credit: Getty / Mat Hayward