Jason Aldean Drops New Track, 'Champagne Town,' From Upcoming '9' Album

We are still a little more than a week away from Jason Aldean's upcoming album, 9, but he has just dropped another track, "Champagne Town," from his next record! The song, written by Matt Dragstrem and Josh Thompson, says "So I'm here drinkin' whiskey in a champagne town / Are you tryin' not to miss me / Like I'm tryin' not to miss you now / Blamin' you by two and me by three / It's plain to see all I'll ever be to you / Is what I am right now / Nothin' but whiskey in a champagne town."

Aldean announced the song on social media, asking fans to chime in with their thoughts on the song.

"My New album '9' comes out in 10 days but here is the latest track we just dropped off of it," Aldean wrote. "Check it out and lemme know what u think."

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One fan who chimed in is his wife, Brittany Aldean, who responded with several of both the clapping hands and hearts emojis.

"Champagne Town" is one of several songs on 9 that has to do with alcohol, not that Aldean is complaining.

"When I went back and started listen to it I was like, 'Damn, there's a bunch of drinking songs on this album. But it is country music so you can get away with that,'" Aldean recently shared with PopCulture.com and other media. "One of them is 'I Don't Drink Anymore,' which was written by Neil Thrasher. I started listening to it. It's super country and so I kind of got hooked on it right off the bat, and then when I heard the hook, it's like, 'I don't drink anymore, but I don't drink any less.'

"Man, that's such a great hook and this song is really country.," he continued. "And that's the cool thing. The last couple of albums, being able to put out some songs like 'Drowns The Whiskey' and some of those things that are a little more traditional country. Radio playing those songs, even though they're a little more on the traditional side, that's cool. It gives you the feeling of like, 'Okay, we can go out and cut some of these things and radio is going to give it a chance.' Because you listen to a lot of country radio now, a lot of things are leaning more towards the pop side of stuff. That's just the circle it goes in sometimes."


Order 9 and download "Champagne Town" at JasonAldean.com.

Photo Credit: Getty images / Mat Hayward