Jason Aldean on Having More Children: 'No Vacancy Left in the House'

With four children already, Jason Aldean says he is done having babies. The singer, who has daughters Keeley and Kendyl from his first marriage, and Memphis and Navy with his second wife, Brittany Aldean, insists he will not have any more children, even if Brittany disagrees.

"No. Off-limits," Aldean said in a Q&A Brittany shared on YouTube, when someone asked if they were planning on adding to their family. "No vacancy left in the house. We are done."

When Brittany hinted they might not be done, Aldean said, "If you have any more kids, it's going to be with another husband."

"You would only be so lucky," Brittany quipped.

Memphis and Navy are only 14 months apart, which the couple says is easier in the long run, even though it does have some challenging moments.

"Physically, it's a toll for sure," Brittany said.

"We knew that it would be hard when they were little, but as they get older –– even now, with Memphis; he's 2, Navy's 1, even now it's getting easier with them already," said the Georgia native. "I think it's cool that they're going to grow up super close."

While Brittany previously acknowledged having two pregnancies so close together was a challenge, she is already grateful they decided to have Memphis and Navy a little more than a year apart.

"I suggest having them close together if you can," Brittany noted. "It's great. They're going to be best friends forever, hopefully."

Aldean is currently on his We Back Tour, but is spending as much time at home with his family in between tour dates as possible.

"I've made it a point at this point of my career to scale back a little bit and still make sure that I'm out playing shows and doing what I need to do there, but spending a little more time at home too," Aldean told Us Weekly. "I think it's something that I've gotten a grip on a little, the older I've gotten and the longer I've been in the business. I think I've finally, after all these years, got it figured out now."


"I still love what I do," he continued. "I love playing shows and doing my thing, but in the early days of my career where I was playing 200 shows a year and was never at home, that kind of gets rough."

Photo Credit: Getty / Jason Kempin