Jason Aldean Drops 'I Don't Drink Anymore' Lyric Video from Upcoming '9' Album

Jason Aldean's current single, "We Back," from his upcoming 9 album is rapidly climbing up the charts, but Aldean is already teasing another song from his new record. The singer just dropped a lyric video for "I Don't Drink Anymore," one of four songs Aldean shared when announcing the new record.

"Early on I always thought if we ever got to make nine albums, I'm going to call it 9," Aldean said in a statement about 9. "It was my baseball number growing up, and it's just kind of always been my lucky number. I remember cutting the first album and thinking 'that's forever away,' and now here we are. I don't know, it's really special we made it this far – so, it's more for me than anybody else – but, it means a lot."

"I Don't Drink Anymore" is a lot different stylistically than "We Back," which is a rowdy, uptempo, anthemic tune. The song was co-written by Florida Georgia Line's Tyler Hubbard, the Warren Brothers and Jordan Schmidt.

"Those guys, they've written a few things for me over the years. They wrote 'Lights Come On', they wrote 'Burning It Down', 'You Make It Easy,'" Aldean told PopCulture.com. "This was one of those songs, Tyler called me up and knew we were in the studio recording, and just asked me kind of what we were looking for. I told him for us, we're always looking for big uptempo things, just because those always seem to be the hardest things to find. And he said, 'Well, I wanna write something, try and write something for the album.'

"So he went in literally the next day and those guys wrote that song and he sent it to me," he added. "It was just like this missing piece that we were missing on the album that we didn't really have yet."

"I Don't Drink Anymore" is reminiscent of some of the more pensive songs he has done, but Aldean says there won't be a lot of those on 9.

"The last couple albums, we've had some songs that went a different route," he added. "They were really great songs, but it was kind of a different side of things that I do and I was feeling the itch a little bit to come back out with one of those big tempos, so this one was perfect."


Photo Credit: Getty / Jason Kempin