Jason Aldean Celebrates His Girls on National Daughters Day

Jason Aldean is dad to three daughters, and the country star celebrated them on social media for National Daughters Day last week with a sweet post. Aldean used Instagram to share photos of all three of his daughters, posting a sports headshot of his oldest, 17-year-old Keeley, a photo of his 13-year-old, Kendyl, outside, and a snap of 1-year-old Navy at the beach.

"Today is National daughter day!" the singer captioned his post. "I have been truly blessed with 3 beautiful daughters and I am so thankful for all of them. Here is to these girls growing up to being badass women! I love u girls!! #makedaddyproud. #Keeley #Kendyl #Navy."

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Both Keeley and Kendyl commented on the post. "The best dad in the [world] love you so much!" Keeley wrote. Kendyl commented, "Love you so much dad!!!"

Aldean shares Keeley and Kendyl with his ex-wife and Navy with wife Brittany. Aldean and Brittany are also parents to 2-year-old son Memphis. The couple married in 2015, and Brittany told Us Weekly earlier this year that she feels like a "big sister" to Keeley and Kendyl.

"I do find myself being kind of like a big sister, which is actually really fun," she said. "I do love the fact that they’re a little bit older because it’s so fun. I really am starting to relate to them, especially the older one. She's going through things now that I can really relate to."

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Brittany added that "being a stepparent is a difficult" role but she's glad Jason's girls are the stepkids she has. "Sometimes it's a thankless position, but I'm very, very fortunate in the fact that the girls are awesome," she said. "They love me, I love them. We get along very well. I'm really thankful that they're the ones that I'm in this position with."

The family was able to spend some time together during quarantine at their beach home in Florida, and Brittany shared that those months were a "blessing" since her husband is off the road. "It’s the one positive thing that’s actually come out of the quarantine, being able to be there for all these little baby steps, and also Jason being here," she said. "Usually right now, he would be on tour, so it is a little bit of a blessing. That’s the silver lining in it all. I'm taking every day, I'm soaking it all up because who knows how long this is gonna be this way. I'm enjoying it."