Jake Owen Says 'Real Country' is Strong Because of Travis Tritt and Shania Twain

Jake Owen is thrilled to be one of the judges on the upcoming Real Country, and not just because of the premise of the reality TV talent show. Joined by fellow judges Travis Tritt and Shania Twain, the Florida native is honored to be part of the esteemed cast.

"I think what [Tritt] will bring to the table is that classic country honesty that he's always had, and a little more grit," Owen says (quote via The Boot). "I think there are those out there looking at Shania thinking she'll understand more of the pop side of it, even though I believe in my heart that Shania very much knows her country music history and is proud of it. I understand more of the world of modern country music, although I still very much have an appreciation for the classic side of country as well."

Part of what drew Owen to the show is the way it stands out from other singing competitions, like American Idol and The Voice, with the prize being a showcase in front of industry executives.

"When they came to me with this opportunity, they said, 'Hey, this isn't anything contractual,'" he goes on to say. "We're not signing any of these people ... We're just gonna put them on a pedestal and put them in the spotlight, so that they have the opportunity at some point for somebody to come forward and give them that chance."

Owen, who got his start performing at bars in college, was especially drawn to the opportunity Real Country gives other aspiring artists.

"I know when I started on a barstool somewhere, all I wanted was for someone to say, 'That guy's good,' and give me a chance," Owen notes. "I think that's what any of us have wanted since our earliest times making music, is that opportunity."

"The three of us trying to find the next people that we believe have the ability to shine a light and let the world hear them is what I'm excited about," he adds.

Owen is currently on the road, headlining his Life's Whatcha Make It Tour, with Chris Janson and Jordan Davis serving as his opening acts.

"I really do believe that life's whatcha make it," Owen says of his tour. "If you wake up feeling positive, there's a pretty good chance that you'll see things throughout the day in a positive light. I think concerts are like that: it's what you make it. People show up to have a good time and the artists on stage feel that too.

"A lot of my songs over the years have pointed to that idea," he adds. "The fact that we're playing baseball parks on Friday and Saturday nights throughout the summer, when people are ready to get out, have a good time, and don't have to work the next day, is really cool."

Find a list of all of Owen's upcoming shows at JakeOwen.net.


Real Country will premiere this fall on the USA Network.

Photo Credit: Getty images/Christopher Polk