Gwen Stefani Wishes Blake Shelton 'Happy 2 Week Anniversary' With New Wedding Photo

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton have officially been husband and wife for just over two weeks, and Stefani celebrated the mini milestone with a new photo from duo's July 3 wedding. The singer posted a black-and-white snap of herself and Shelton standing in front of the small chapel Shelton built on his Oklahoma ranch, which was where his and Stefani's wedding ceremony was held.

In the photo, the couple has their heads bowed as they stand in front of Carson Daly, who officiated the ceremony, friends and family looking on from a pew alongside the aisle. "happy 2 week anniversary," Stefani wrote, tagging her husband, Daly and music video director Sophie Muller in her caption. Stefani had not tagged Muller in any of her previous wedding posts, and it's possible that her inclusion means that some sort of wedding video is on the horizon. Muller and Stefani are longtime collaborators and have worked on a number of music videos together including videos for No Doubt and Stefani's solo career.

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Naturally, there was music involved in Stefani and Shelton's wedding, including during their vows, which saw Shelton serenade his bride with a song he had written just for her. On the Today show after the big day, Daly shared that the song was called "Reach the Star," and he hopes Shelton will consider recording it.

The Voice host revealed that prior to the wedding, he had suggested to the couple that they write their own vows, which the duo was "really reluctant" to do. "At the wedding, Gwen starts, and she wrote this, 'Since I was a little girl ...' And she crushes, not a dry eye in the church. ... It was so perfect," the host recalled. "I said to Blake when she was done, 'Top that, buddy.' And Blake starts by saying, 'Gwen's always giving me a hard time about not writing enough songs, so I wrote a song.'"


"Guitar comes in frame, stool, next thing you know, he wrote her a song, he sings her a song while he's crying that he wrote specifically for her," he continued. "Not a dry eye in the house." Daly added that "Hopefully [Shelton will] record it. It'll put everybody in the wedding at that moment if he records that song."