Glen Campbell's Final Performance Is Both Inspiring and Heartbreaking

Country legend Glen Campbell passed away Tuesday at age 81 after battling Alzheimer's for years, and the singer's last live performance is now making the rounds online as fans pay tribute to the music icon.

The performance was the last of Campbell's Goodbye Tour, which he embarked on after revealing his Alzheimer's diagnosis in 2011.

In the clip, filmed at Uptown Theatre in Napa, Calif., on Nov. 30, 2012 as part of the singer's film that chronicled the tour, Campbell performs his iconic song "Gentle on My Mind."

Campbell's battle against the disease is clearly visible in the footage, as he struggles to remember the opening lines to the song and fumbles the lyrics. He eventually breaks into a guitar solo, showcasing his remarkable skill before hitting a series of wrong notes and commenting on the quality of the instrument's tone.

"That was a really difficult day," Campbell's wife Kim says in the clip. "It was difficult leading up to the show, it was really stressful and difficult. That night was really, really, really hard, and we just knew this was it. We were going home for the Christmas break, and that we were not gonna add more shows after that."


Photo Credit: YouTube / Josinho1989 / twitter / @RollingStone