Garth Brooks Explains Why He Bows to Trisha Yearwood After Singing Together

Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood perform together fairly often, and fans have noticed that the [...]

Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood perform together fairly often, and fans have noticed that the couple tends to bow to each other after they sing. During the March 29 episode of Brooks' weekly Facebook Live show, Inside Studio G, he revealed that the tradition started after a request from Yearwood.

"When we first started singing together, she told me I had to. After every song, I had to bow to her," he said, joking, "Then she probably started feeling guilty I was bowing, so she'd bow back." On a more serious note, Brooks added that he bows to his wife out of respect "of her gift, of her talent, and the fact that she's done it on her own, as a woman in this business."

"Long before I ever thought it was possible to date the woman, much less marry her, I'm the biggest fan of Trisha Yearwood's voice you can imagine," he continued. "One of the greatest crimes in country music history right now: Trisha Yearwood is not in the Country Music Hall of Fame yet. That is a crime because I cannot tell you how many people have moved to this town because this woman's voice drove them here. This is the greatest singer we have in country music, arguably, and so I'm a huge, huge fan."

Brooks never passes up an opportunity to praise his wife, and Yearwood recently returned the favor when she told fans that she was officially COVID-19 negative after testing positive for the virus in February. "Don't they say good news comes in 3s??!!" she wrote in a social media post. "1) I got the official news that I am covid negative. Thank you all for your love, support messages and sweet tweets!" she wrote. "2) My incredible husband is literally Superman and never got covid - but still took all the precautions to keep everyone we know and love safe!" Yearwood's third piece of news was the cover reveal for her upcoming cookbook, Trisha's Kitchen.

While quarantining together, Brooks and Yearwood took the opportunity to work on their marriage "because we were by ourselves for two weeks, almost three weeks." "I think 99.9% of people wouldn't have done what I [did], but I thought, 'Since we're here, and we ain' got nowhere to go, let's just attack some of the hardest things over the 15 years that bugs one of us, right?'" Brooks told guest host Stephen "tWitch" Boss during aa virtual appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. "And it was like living in a little house. You couldn't go anywhere, so you couldn't walk away from the conversation. And I thought it was great, I think we came out the other end even closer and tighter than we were when we went in."