Garth Brooks, Trisha Yearwood Invite Newylweds to Their Nashville Home

Garth Brooks is known for giving away lavish, and often unexpected, gifts, but this one might have been a first. In February, the 56-year-old invited a couple from Sweden, engaged at the time, to Nashville for their honeymoon, including an intimate dinner with Brooks and his wife, Trisha Yearwood in their home – and the now-newlyweds took them up on their offer.

"That turned out shockingly well. They were very, very sweet," Brooks, 56, tells PEOPLE ."With my wife, it's like any relationship: Whichever one thinks of the idea, the other one questions it. That's husband and wife, right?"

Yearwood, host of her own Emmy-winning Trisha's Southern Kitchen on the Food Network, wasn't initially sure it was a good idea, but the celebrity couple ended the night with a new pair of friends.

"She wasn't sure about it because it came off the cuff," admits Brooks. "But these people, if you got to handpick them, you couldn't have picked a better couple. The night turned out unbelievably well."

The Oklahoma native introduced them to their way of life in the South, but also learned more about their life overseas.

"It was fun to learn about them and the little town they're in," Brooks recalls. "Their way of life over in Sweden isn't that much different than our way of life over here when you boil it down to two kids who got no money. They get married and work hard to make ends meet. It's a familiar story [that] we all know. The best part was the conversation and what we learned about them."

Brooks might be doing more travel soon. The "All Day Long" singer just announced he will perform the first-ever music concert at the Notre Dame Stadium, and hints that another big tour is in the works – although perhaps not quite as arduous as his recent three-year World Tour.

"We're all going to have plenty of time in between each gig," Brooks reveals on his Inside Studio G Facebook series (quote via Nash Country Daily). "We'll be able to do a gig . . . the crew will come home, be with their family, and then we'll run out to another gig. Very rarely, if ever, will there be back-to-back gigs on this one. So, we will be bouncing around, but these are going to be individual events."

Brooks also hopes to get to know each city better that he plays in, making a memorable experience for his fans each time he takes the stage.

"Hopefully incorporating the traditions of where we're playing, which makes them each their own. This should be pretty cool," he adds. "And when I say we're touring in a way I've never toured before, that would definitely be one of the first steps."


Photo Credit: Getty images/Paul Morigi