Garth Brooks Releases New Single, 'All Day Long'

Garth Brooks is back at radio with a brand-new single. The country music icon just released "All Day Long," the debut single from an upcoming new studio album.

"From the very first lick, this song is a party," Brooks says in a statement. "Country radio, uptempo honky-tonk and summer go soooooooo good together!"

Brooks co-wrote the song, after being inspired by playing a Nashville bar after the end of one of his shows at Bridgestone Arena in Music City.

"We got to play Layla's down on lower Broadway," Brooks reveals on the Ty, Kelly and Chuck Show. "No monitor system, no nothing. You're just feeding off the energy. You're just hearing this stuff bounce off the walls: 'Friends in Low Places,' 'Two of a Kind Working on a Full House.' I said, 'You know what? Just a damn good honky tonk song. That's what we're looking for. Let's get together and write it.' It was a blast. It's been fun. It's been fun since the word 'go.' Recording it was fun."

The 56-year-old hinted earlier this year that he was working on a new record, and would also launch another tour.

"It's going to be a different level on so many different levels," he promises, adding that this time he will announce cities in groups, instead of one city at a time, as he did on his record-breaking three-year World Tour.

Although Brooks has not revealed too many details of his new set of tunes, including a title or release date, he does say that "All Day Long" is a good indication of the rest of the record.

"The new music feels good," Brooks tells Nashville's Tennessean. "And the new music feels very old school. It sounds brand new, but it's very old school. It's going to be upbeat. It's fun. It's a little summer, man. Let's turn it up, and have some fun."

Brooks' upcoming album is available for pre-order on Amazon for a limited time, for only $10. Fans who pre-order the project will receive an instant download of "All Day Long," as well as a bonus track, "The Road I'm On."Stream "All Day Long" here.

Brooks recently appeared at both Stagecoach Festival and CMA Fest. He does not currently have any tour dates scheduled. Updates on both his record and future shows will be posted at


Photo Credit: Instagram/garthbrooks