Gabby Barrett Is 'Really Excited' to Bring Daughter Baylah May on Tour

Gabby Barrett welcomed daughter Baylah May in January, which means that when she hits the road [...]

Gabby Barrett welcomed daughter Baylah May in January, which means that when she hits the road later this year, she'll be bringing her baby girl with her. Barrett is scheduled to join Thomas Rhett on his The Center Point Road Tour, which starts in August, and she told Entertainment Tonight that she's "really excited" to take Baylah May along for the ride.

"What it'll kind of look like, we'll have a tour bus. We'll have our own home on wheels, which will be nice and exciting," she said. "She will definitely be with us. I'm really excited for her to kind of be able to watch us on the side of the stage, and as she grows, become more aware of what we do and songs and things like that. And then eventually we can write songs about her and it will just be so sweet." Barrett shares Baylah May with her husband Cade Foehner, who joins the "I Hope" singer on stage as her guitar player when she performs.

"I'm definitely looking forward to getting to now experience live shows and performances, and all of those things, with her with us," Barrett shared. "She's a very lullaby baby right now. So she loves music and falls asleep to little music."

Barrett and Foehner, who met on Season 16 of American Idol, married in 2019, which Barrett shared "changed me in a lot of different ways." "It makes you grow up in a lot of different ways and then when you have a baby you grow up in even more ways," she explained. "My husband and I are very large Christians and we're very firm in our beliefs. There is a term in the Christian faith called 'dying to yourself' and definitely when you have a baby you learn to die to yourself and everything is just about them. And it's actually really helpful because you definitely become more selfless and help other people in a lot of different ways."

In addition to her marriage, becoming a mom has also changed the Pennsylvania native, and Barrett noted that it's been "neat to see even myself evolve." Last month, the 21-year-old celebrated her first Mother's Day, which she described as "very sweet." "[Foehner] was extremely helpful with the baby throughout the day and then he made me a little bath with candles and stuff there," she recalled. "And it was the perfect end to the day."