Florida Georgia Line's Tyler Hubbard Recalls 'Surreal' First Christmas With Daughter Olivia

When Florida Georgia Line's Tyler Hubbard and his wife, Hayley Hubbard, welcomed their first child, Olivia Rose, into the world in 2017, it was two days before Christmas. The couple had a memorable, albeit unconventional holiday, which Hubbard says remains one of the most special –– and surreal –– ones of his entire life.

"Olivia was born two days before Christmas, on the 23rd and we actually came home on Christmas Day," Hubbard shared with his record label. "[We] had a very untraditional Christmas. It was super quiet at the house. Just a really, really special day for us to get to come home with a child. And it was very surreal. So, this Christmas we're excited. You know, she's grown so much over the last year and gained so much personality and she's so much fun. So we're going to have probably the best Christmas ever, I would say."

The Hubbards know the conventional wisdom of not spoiling your children at Christmas or any other time, but they don't necessarily intend to abide by those rules. They can certainly afford to give the toddler whatever she wants, and for now are happily going to make sure she has plenty of presents to open on Christmas day.

"At this age I think we're just gonna not try to not spoil her; just go ahead and spoil her, probably more for the sake of Hayley and I and the joy that we get in that," Hubbard admitted. "That'll be a challenge over the next few years. We're going to try to find a healthy balance and make sure she's appreciative of everything that she has."

Olivia may not have gotten a chance to tell Santa Claus what she wants this year. Hayley posted a photo of Olivia, and her little brother, Luca, on social media, with the two sitting on Santa's lap, and Olivia looking quite unhappy with the experience.

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"Before she realized Santa brings presents on Christmas," Hayley wrote.

Later, Olivia seemed to have a change of heart, with Hayley posting a photo of the little girl smiling while chatting with Santa Claus.

"After she realized Santa brings presents," Hayley captioned the second photo.

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Olivia certainly deserves a few extra presents this year, since Hubbard boasts she has been adjusting well to having a baby brother in the house.

"She's great," the proud dad bragged to PopCulture.com. "She's adjusted well to having a baby in the house. And she loves Luca so much and is so sweet. We didn't know what to expect. Thought there may be some jealousy or things that come up. And who knows? Maybe there still will be but so far, it's just been incredible. She's been a big help and a lot of fun to watch."


Photo Credit: Getty / Jason Kempin