Florida Georgia Line Shares a Message for the Class of 2020

Florida Georgia Line has an inspiring message to share with the Class of 2020, offering a few words of wisdom during a recent interview with their record label. Duo member Tyler Hubbard kicked things off, telling new graduates congratulations. "It feels like yesterday we were just graduating, so it’s such a special moment for you guys. You’ve worked so hard to get there, so congratulations. Best of luck in the future," he said before asking bandmate Brian Kelley to share some advice.

Kelley obliged, encouraging listeners to take chances. "You know, if you feel like you’re supposed to move somewhere, go chase a crazy dream or create something, or go to college in a certain place, follow your gut," he said. "Follow your dreams." The Florida native explained that he and Hubbard recently had a discussion about how their respective decisions to move to Nashville to attend Belmont University ultimately led them to each other, which led to Florida Georgia Line, a decision both parties are eternally grateful for. "We both have this conversation about the simple decision to move to Nashville, or not, because we wouldn’t be Florida Georgia Line, we wouldn’t be where we are today if we both hadn’t moved," Kelley said.

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"And it’s definitely a God thing to bring us together, to make us a team, but to have individually moved, you know, you have to take a leap of faith and you have to get outside your comfort zone," he continued before noting that you don't have to leave your home to make your dreams come true. "And that’s not for everybody," he said. "Not saying everybody has to leave their home town and chase crazy dreams. There’s amazing things that happen everywhere. So, find what means something to you, go chase it down and get it. Love y’all. Congratulations."

Kelley played baseball at Florida State University before he ultimately made the switch from sports to music, making the move to Nashville to attend Belmont. Hubbard made his way to the university after completing high school in his native Georgia, and the two musicians were introduced during a campus worship group. They started writing and playing together before releasing their first EP in 2010 and their second in 2012. After their debut single, "Cruise," began seeing success, Florida Georgia Line signed a record deal and released their first album in 2012 before going on to become one of the biggest acts in country music.