Florida Georgia Line Reflect on the 'Sexiest Song' They Have Ever Released

Florida Georgia Line is about to likely celebrate yet another No. 1 hit, this time with 'Talk You [...]

Florida Georgia Line is about to likely celebrate yet another No. 1 hit, this time with "Talk You Out of It," the second single from their latest Can't Say I Ain't Country album. The song was seductive enough, before both Tyler Hubbard's wife, Hayley, and Brian Kelley's wife, Brittney, signed on to star in the video.

"'Talk You Out of It' is probably our sexiest song we've put out," Kelley admitted. "Definitely the song was inspired by our wives and something we just felt we wanted to put out. Colder weather came, let's put out a hot song. I think that song is just, sonically, it's different for us."

The guys weren't initially sure they wanted to include "Talk You Out of It" on Can't Say I Ain't Country. But when parts of the song, especially the now-famous lines that say, "I talked you into slippin' down the hall, baby, turn it on / Your playlist you play when you're in the shower / Talked you into taking up my time, making up your mind / Switching back and forth for an hour," kept coming back to them, they realized how catchy the song really was, even for them.

"I know when Brittney and I were talking about that song, we hadn't decided to cut it just yet, but we were referring to the song as the shower song," Kelley recalled. "Singing that dang line over and over and over – that's kind of when you know it's probably going to end up on the album, one you can't get out of your head."

Perhaps surprisingly, neither Hubbard nor Kelley had to do much convincing to get their gorgeous spouses to agree to film the sexy video.

"They were into it," Hubbard said about their wives. "It didn't take too much convincing and I do think for us, it kind of made it more special and more real. And I mean obviously we wouldn't have done that with any other girls, so we would've had to bring in actors and all that. And we figured, you know what, how do we capture a sexy love song with a male duo? You know what I'm saying?

"But we had a great time," he continued. "It was cool to just get to showcase them and their beauty and kind of let them be the stars and just a fun overall experience, the whole video. And I never would've thought we'd be taking a shower in front of a camera. So it was quite the experience."

FGL will soon have plenty of chances to perform it, and more of their hits, when they hit the road on their Can't Say I Ain't Country Tour, which kicks off on June 13.

"[It's] one that obviously means a bunch to us," noted Kelley. "And we love playing it live and watch everybody slow dance and watch the couples really connect."

Photo Credit: Getty images/Rebecca Sapp