Florida Georgia Line to Pay all 117 FGL House Employees $1000 Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Florida Georgia Line's FGL House was one of many bars in Nashville that closed this week after a recommendation from the mayor, and group members Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley posted a video promising to make sure all of their employees aren't empty-handed during the temporary shutdown. Hubbard and Kelley shared that they have committed to giving each of their 117 staff members $1,000 for a total of $117,000.

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"[FGL House] would be nothing without our amazing staff. We know it takes a village, and we’re so thankful for all 117 of you and we hope this helps out while the bar and restaurant is closed," the musicians wrote in their caption. "We’ve been blessed by y’all and we are excited to follow [Dierks Bentley] lead here and #giveback. With much love and gratitude - bk and T."

Dierks Bentley, whose Whiskey Row sits just down the street from FGL House, announced this week that he was giving $1,000 to the 90 hourly employees there. Hubbard shared in FGL's video that he and Kelley were "inspired" by their fellow star's gesture.

"We just wanted to do a quick shoutout to Dierks Bentley," Hubbard said. "You inspired us, man. We're gonna follow suit, we're gonna take your lead and we're gonna do the same thing, we're gonna give $1,000 to all the FGL House employees. We really hope this helps out in a time of need. We very very vividly remember what it's like to be in the service industry, to be a server, to be a bartender and to rely on tips to pay the bills."

"We know everybody's probably stressed out a little bit during this time, so we really hope that we can help you guys out," he continued. Kelley chimed in, "We're so grateful for everybody that helps make our restaurant run, every single person, barbacks, waiters, waitresses, bartenders, everybody."


John Rich, who owns Redneck Riviera, also vowed to continue paying his employees. He didn't share a specific number but told the Tennessean in regards to employees who make the majority of their wages from tips that "we'll find that average over the last two or three months and that's what they're going to get paid."

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