Brian Kelley Calls out Former Florida Georgia Line Bandmate Tyler Hubbard in New Song

In his new song, "Kiss My Boots," Kelley sings, 'Want the world to know that you did me wrong.'

It's been two years since former Florida Georgia Line bandmates Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard performed together, and we might finally be seeing why. Entertainment Tonight reports that Kelley just dropped a new song and, in it, he seems to be calling out Hubbard.

Kelley co-wrote the new track — titled "Kiss My Boots" — and it begins with him singing, "You've been throwin' dirt on my name 'round this town like it ain't small / Like your friends ain't my friends, and I wouldn't end up hearin' it all / I fell on the sword, but only the good Lord knows the hell that you put me through / Sober me would never tell, but tonight I'm on the Tennessee Truth."

He then goes on to belt out: "I'm crankin' Hank, drinkin' Jack, airin' out the past / Want the world to know that you did me wrong / I don't know how you act sweet, after how you did me / Here's a middle finger to you through a song." While he doesn't outright say it, Kelley seems to possibly be speaking about Hubbard.

The song's music video doesn't temper the speculation. It shows Kelley hunting for a snake in the grass, which, of course, is a known metaphor for someone who isn't trustworthy. The video ends with Kelley cutting an apple, and shows his belt buckle, which reads "Florida." Hailing from Ormond Beach, Florida, Kelley was the Florida half of Florida Georgia Line, while Hubbard is from Monroe, Georgia.

In a press release, Kelley's "Kiss My Boots" is described as "the most personal lyrical statement" of his career. "It was healing to write. I feel released now," Kelley explains. "Everyone processes things differently. I went inward. I went to work and stayed busy. I'm proud of myself for doing it that way. It was worth it."

"Now, I have a song that helped me through a tough time. Hopefully, 'Kiss My Boots' can help a lot of people," he added. "Give them some confidence and help them get their power back." At this time, Hubbard does not appear to have issued any comments about the song.

Florida Georgia Line kicked off their career in 2010 and spent the next decade at the top of the country music charts. The duo had numerous hits, including their 2012 debut single "Cruise" featuring Nelly, "This Is How We Roll" featuring Luke Bryan, and "H.O.L.Y." After five studio albums, the duo parted ways, but seemed to indicate they would reunite in the future. Those potential plans could be on a more indefinite hold after "Kiss My Boots."