Florida Georgia Line Open up About FGL House Success

Florida Georgia Line opened up their Nashville entertainment venue, FGL House, just over one year ago, and the four-story restaurant and bar has since become one of the go-to spots in downtown Nashville.

Speaking to the group's label, Big Machine Label Group, FGL member Tyler Hubbard that while he and bandmate Brian Kelley had been offered a similar opportunity before, they knew they had to jump at the chance to create what is now FGL House.

"The right thing we did was say yes," Hubbard said. "The opportunity was presented to us, and it had been a couple of times before, but I think we knew with this opportunity that it was the right group, it was the right people, it was the right team, the right vision, definitely the right location."

"It was kind of a no-brainer for BK and I, the first time we saw this place we were like, 'Wow this is a dream spot.'" he added. "And then we met the team and the crew and the managers and we said, 'Well this is an awesome team.' We definitely want to be a part of this and put our stamp on it and kind of make it our own, and it's crazy. This year's been awesome — it's been a wild journey, we've got to have a lot of awesome events here."

The 31-year-old noted that while FGL House is a huge tourist attraction, plenty of locals frequent the bar as well, something he and Kelley are always pleased to hear.

"There's nothing that makes us feel better than hearing, even our friends that live in town, they're like, 'Man, when we go out, we go to FGL House. That's where everybody goes.' And that's pretty cool; it's not just a tourist hang. It's kind of both. All of our friends are partying here and then we also hear all the tourists are coming here. So it's cool; it's something we're really proud of and hopefully, we can expand."

While FGL House is thriving, the duo isn't stopping there. They recently announced plans to open FGL Boathouse later this year near the Florida panhandle.

The group's Instagram account shared a rendering of the new location, a two-story building complete with sprawling patios, pool and plenty of lounge space.

fgl boat house
(Photo: Instagram / @floridageorgialine)

"Anyone else think an FGL Boat House needs to happen in Florida?! Welp, maybe it is," the caption read, along with a string of emojis including a palm tree, beach umbrella, beer and tropical drink.

Photo Credit: Debby Wong / Shutterstock.com