Florida Georgia Line Hints at Bigger Las Vegas Residency in the Future

Florida Georgia Line will soon kick off their Florida Georgia Line Live From Las Vegas residency on Dec. 1, performing only a half-dozen shows. But while their original run might have limited dates, both Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley hint there might be more Sin City dates in the future.

"We're calling this a mini-residency, if you will," Hubbard explained. "Just kind of dipping our toe in the water to see what it feels like. And we've never spent more than about three days in Vegas, nor have we ever wanted to. So I think we're kind of excited to actually go spend some time off the strip a little bit, see what else Nevada has to offer. I think we're doing five or six shows spread out between about two weeks, so it won't be a crazy strenuous schedule and we can just kind of enjoy the time with our family and enjoy Vegas and see what it's like.

"I do think if it goes over well, that down the road at some point we could definitely turn that into something a little bit bigger," he continued. "But this was a great year to do that, being off the road, not doing a big tour, kind of creating a little bit more of a demand. And now the fans know if they want to come see us then come to Vegas in December so that's cool."

The guys are also excited to join some of entertainment's biggest stars in performing in the famous city.

"You also think about all the Vegas entertainment history – Wayne Newton and Elvis and everybody," Kelley noted. "So it's cool to kind of be the first young guys to go out there, try it out. My parents had their honeymoon in Vegas and they got to see Elvis. I think they were like on the second or third row and he was throwing out scarves and wiping his sweat. And so it's such a great place for entertainment. And we're just excited to see what kind of fans come to see us.

"It's such a destination, so you never know who you're going to get and I think that makes it all the more special," added the singer. "All the different energies, and so we're excited. Planet Hollywood is going to be awesome."

Florida Georgia Line will be joined by Canaan Smith and Mason Ramsey. Find dates at FloridaGeorgiaLine.com.


Photo Credit: Getty Images/Rebecca Sapp