ERNEST Shares Heartbreaking Note as He Announces Hiatus

Country music singer ERNEST will be taking time off from concerts for the next month to be with his family.

Country music star ERNEST has announced that he's taking a brief hiatus. In a heartbreaking note posted to his Instagram, the singer shared that his decision was based on needing to spend more "quality time" with his family.

"Getting out and playing for you guys every night has been a dream. But running non-stop I'm not gonna lie, it's taken its toll on me. After getting back from London, it's really hit me," ERNEST wrote. "I'm going to be taking about a month off to reset and spend some time at home with my family."

"My son, Ryman is now at the age where every time I get home, he asks me if Im leaving... and I just can't stand hearing him ask for daddy thru a phone call any more," ERNEST continued in his message, posted alongside a photo of him holding his young son. "I wanna spend quality time at home and pour into that reserve."

"I'm lucky to have a lot of incredible things coming up, and because of that I want to show up as my best self for my family and for you guys," ERNEST concluded his message. "We will be back on the road soon, and I can't thank you all enough for the support – y'all be good."

ERNEST has since received a lot of support from his peers and fans, with Lainey Wilson commenting, "This makes me happy." Uncle Kracker offered, "Go fill that back up Ern! This mess will still be here when you get back." Shane Profitt added, "The crowds will wait. Time with little man won't."

While ERNEST will be taking time to relax for the next month, he is scheduled to resume touring in August. Fans can click here to check out all his late summer/fall concert tour dates.