Dustin Lynch Finds New Reasons to Work Hard

Dustin Lynch is finding new reasons to work hard, and it's not just for beer money. The 33-year-old employs an entire band and crew, which motivates him to keep reaching for new goals.

"Life has changed," Lynch told PopCulture.com. "I've gotta keep all my success to buy diapers for all these guys. It's changed a lot, it's gone from just me and my buds in my Ford Excursion playing frat parties and worried about where our next Waffle House stop is gonna be and more cold beer to now having dozens of people that rely on us to keep this train going. It's a fun challenge. It keeps me on my toes, keeps me working hard. It keeps life fun.

"I love that drive," he continued. "I love the drive of having pressure. I think it's the athlete in me, that competitiveness that I learned growing up doing sports all the way through college. It's great. It's something that keeps me going and gives me life and a reason to wake up and work hard."

Lynch is the newest member of the Grand Ole Opry, after being inducted by Reba McEntire on Sept. 18. The invitation to join the Opry will go down in history as one of the biggest achievements of Lynch's life and career.

"It took me a few days to let it soak in and really digest what had happened," Lynch admitted. "Just an amazing, amazing feeling, still is. It's still weird talking about it."

The "Good Girl" singer was, inexplicably, left out of the list of nominees for both the ACM Awards and the CMA Awards this year, but the omission isn't about to deter Lynch.

"I knew it was something that my team knew was important to me. We obviously put it on the list of dreams to chase down," Lynch said of his Opry induction. "I just feel like I'm getting started. I feel like I just started this journey. So to be asked to be a member of the Opry, which is at the top of my bucket list, is mind-blowing to me."

Lynch will hit the road on in October to join Cole Swindell on their Reason to Drink ... Another Tour, with Lauren Alaina serving as their opening act. He was also just announced as an opener on Thomas Rhett's Canadian Life Changes Tour in 2019.


Find a list of all of Lynch's upcoming shows at DustinLynchMusic.com.

Photo Credit: Getty images/Erika Goldring