Darius Rucker Looks Forward to 'Laid Back' Christmas Holiday

Darius Rucker might be one of the busiest country artists, but when it comes to the holidays, the singer says he is all about taking it easy.

"Christmas at the Rucker house is pretty laid-back," Darius reveals. "Our kids wake up early – real early – and open their gifts and we hang out, have breakfast, go to church, come home and play -- play with toys and hang out and see family who comes by, and we go to see family. It's just a pretty normal, fun Christmas Day."

Rucker and his crew might enjoy watching a movie as well, even though he has a hard time picking which one is his favorite.

"There are so many great movies that I can think of just off the top of my head that are great Christmas movies," says Darius. "But it would be a tie betweenMiracle on 34th Street, which is still just great acting, great movie. I just love it. I love watching it. I watch it probably four times every Christmas and cry at the end every time. And I love Elf. I just think Elf is one of the absolute great stories and just funniest movies I've ever seen, and it just happens to be a Christmas movie. It's one of my favorite movies."


Rucker's fourth country album, When Was the Last Time, was released in October. The record, which includes the No.1 single, "If I Told You," is available for purchase on Amazon and iTunes.