CMA Fest 2019: Uncle Kracker Reveals the One Drink That's 'Banned on the Boat'

During CMA Fest 2019, Uncle Kracker opened up and revealed the one drink that is 'banned' on his [...]

During CMA Fest 2019, Uncle Kracker opened up and revealed the one drink that is "banned" on his boat. While speaking to, Kracker spoke about his relaxation time and how he, his fiance, and his friends like to hit the lake and chill. They bring along tequila, whiskey, and "some beer," but "White Claw has been banned." He added that there isn't a story behind that ban, it's just because of "the way people look when they're holding it."

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Kracker also opened up about what he's been doing over the past few years, revealing that he mostly does a lot of touring and some recording, usually only winding up at home for only about "4 days."

The "Follow Me" singer also spoke candidly about how he got his start in the music business, explaining that he actually started as a rapper.

He was signed to a record deal while he was still a teenager, but after recording his first album the record label shut down and his debut project never came out.

Kracker then went on to get a job DJing for Kid Rock, which was a major catalyst in his rise to fame. He eventually branched out into a solo career, and admits that he has been very "lucky" in his success.

Over the years, Kracker and Rock have collaborated a few times, something that Kracker implies could always happen again, saying, "Who knows."

While Kracker has been busy touring, Rock was putting the finishing touches on his new Nashville bar, which officially opened last year.

Kracker told a funny story about Rock standing on the bar's balcony and throwing money down to the people on the street below. He joked that he wished he was one of the people down there grabbing a hold of some of that cash.

Finally, Kracker spoke about his on-again-off-again relationship with CMA Fest, explaining that he typically takes a couple years off between appearances, with this year being one of his on years.

The singer also revealed that he has a new single titled "Sweet 16" on the way, but did not reveal an official release date.

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