Chris Lane's Dad Undergoes Cancer Surgery

Chris Lane's father is recovering after he underwent surgery amid his cancer diagnosis. The 37-year-old "Fill Them Boots" singer sent a message of gratitude to his fans on Thursday, Jan. 20 after his father, Tony, underwent an unspecified surgery as part of his cancer treatment, with the country singer sharing in an update that his father's procedure "went well."

In the health update shared on his Instagram Story, Lane told his fans that he and his family "appreciate all the prayers" they have received in the days leading up to the procedure. The singer went on to add, "My dad's surgery went well today. He is in recovery now," according to PEOPLE. Lane, who did not share any further details about the procedure and has not shared what kind of cancer his dad is battling, went on to add, "We are still praying that he does well in recovery and really praying that they got it all." He concluded the update by sharing, "I really appreciate everybody that's reached out, and each and every one of you that are praying. Love y'all."

Lane and his father have an especially tight bond, something that the singer hasn't shied away from talking about. Speaking with Taste of Country back in 2019, Lane opened up about their bond, sharing, "My dad has been through anything and everything with me."

"He never missed any of my games, from Little League to my high school and my college games. And while sports were my first love, my dad has constantly stuck with me in terms of my music and has supported me no matter what," he said, going on to add, "My dad has always told me to work as hard as you can and do the best you can in everything that you do. That advice has proved to be pretty effective for me through the years."


Lane's father's health crisis comes just months after Lane and his wife Lauren Bushnell revealed that their son, Dutton Walker, was hospitalized over the summer. The proud parents, who welcomed Dutton, their first child, in June, originally took Dutton to the hospital to the hospital for what they thought was an ear infection, but the infant ended up having to stay overnight. Lane told his followers that his son had "a common virus (basically a cold) and ear infection," explaining that "with babies so small and under 28 days old they worry about meningitis and do a full work up / spinal tap." Thankfully, little Dutton was discharged after 14 hours in the hospital, with the new dad sharing in a later update that his son was "feeling better."