Carrie Underwood's Fishing Photo Causes Controversy in the Comments

Carrie Underwood's seemingly innocent fishing trip has landed her in the midst of controversy. The singer spurred outrage earlier this month when she took to Instagram on Wednesday, July 14 to share photos of her catches from her fishing trip with husband Mike Fisher, though the sunny outing was quickly dubbed as "senseless" as people aired sympathy for the "poor fish."

In the July 14 post, the 38-year-old singer and workout enthusiast donned a zebra-striped bikini as she and her husband enjoyed a day on the water. But they were doing more than just soaking up the sun. Across a gallery of images, Underwood proudly showed off the day's catches, the singer holding numerous fish up to the camera. Underwood captioned the post "Feeeeeeshies!" alongside a fish emoji, and while she specified in the hashtags that it was "catch and release," that did little to stop the criticism from pouring in.

While the comments section of the post boasts plenty of remarks from those envying Underwood's abs and others applauding her and Fisher's successful fishing trip, there are also several comments from those angered by the outing. One person dubbed the fishing trip "cruel…, unless you respect them enough to hunt for sustenance" and urged Underwood and others to "stop torturing the animals!" Another candidly asked Underwood why she was "so proud of killing an animal and then displaying it??" Several people dubbed the post a "disappointment" and said they "lost some respect for" Underwood, with another person adding, "Cruelty is not pretty." Another commented, "Fish feel pain. It's so sad to see Carrie doing this" as somebody else encouraged Underwood to "be a better example next time!"

While Underwood has ignored the comments, she hasn't shied away from showing off her love of the outdoors and fishing. Back in August 2020, Fisher revealed on the social media platform that he and his wife "were able to get away for some good quality time!" The former NHL player said, "one thing we love to do together is fly fish" before joking that "the thing I don't like about it is she catches bigger fish."


While Underwood clearly enjoys a little time outdoors, she's also been busy with new music endeavors. On Tuesday morning, the singer announced that she will be releasing a special edition of her holiday album My Gift. Originally released in September 2020, the new addition will include three new songs, "Favorite Time of Year," "All Is Well" and Underwood's performance of "Let There Be Peace" and "Something in the Water" from her HBO Max holiday special. It is set to release on Friday, Sept. 24.